The Orange Evolution²

From Spring 2022, the Diamatic products, services and solutions will be rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering. This means that you will still get the products you love from the same trusted partner, but it will give us the possibility to accelerate investment in innovation and help you to grow your business. 

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Diamatic Equipment Technologies

Diamatic USA is a leader in concrete grinding and polishing technologies and equipment. We develop and manufacture grinding, dust collecting, burnishing, and shaving equipment.


Diamond grinders use horizontal rotating disks to level, smooth or clean a concrete surface.


Dust Collectors reduce airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment, making surface preparation safer.


Burnishers improve the beauty and functionality of  concrete surfaces, from residential use all the way to industrial sites.


These shaving and milling technologies are able to remove up to 2.5 inches of surface material.


Diamatic USA offers a complete line of high quality diamond tools and accessories for the polished concrete market. 


SILEX® Polishing System is a SILICA STACKING® process and when all SILEX® tooling and floor products are used in sequence are capable of producing repeatable results and delivering quantifiable standards for the level of finish being produced.

Architectural Polished Concrete Systems

ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System is a specifically designed process that produces an extremely hardened, dust-proof, reflective surface that imparts chemical, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors.

Training & Certification

 The Diamatic USA®Training and Certification School is a class designed to train & certify participants in the ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete Systems and
 the SILEX® Polishing System using the VELOX® Power Trowel by Diamatic®

 This Certification program has been developed utilizing industry standard means and methods
 that represent current standards and technologies. Diamatic is proud to have Clark Branum as the Program Manager and Trainer for Diamatic USA. Clark has logged in more than 30 years in the concrete industry and he is responsible for the specification of our brands ULTRAFLOR® and SILEX®.

Due to COVID-19 all of our training classes are postponed until further notice.


The Orange Evolution2

The Orange Evolution2

THE ORANGE EVOLUTION² WIDER OPTIONS. DEEPER EXPERTISE. UNITED TO SERVE YOU. Husqvarna integrates Blastrac and Diamatic surface preparation offering under the Husqvarna brand.  Husqvarna Construction today announces its plans to

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Husqvarna Acquisition Announcement

To Blastrac Global’s Valued Customers, Distributors and Suppliers: Today it has been announced that our owner, Bard Capital Holdings, has signed an agreement to sell its interests in Blastrac to

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Diamatic Extends Offer for 0% Interest

0% FINANCING FOR 36 MONTHS Blastrac and Diamatic are continuing to working with there lenders to help our customers, we have extended our World Of Concrete financing special.  We know

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During this difficult COVID-19 period which affects us all. Blastrac would like to look forward to the time after the crisis. For the moment a lot of surface preparation projects

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As the leader in surface preparation and polishing products, Blastrac Global is announcing the consolidation of three of its business units. As market leaders, we are combining resources to take the products of Blastrac, Diamatic, and Cyclone Technology to new heights.

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