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Husqvarna Acquisition Announcement

To Blastrac Global’s Valued Customers, Distributors and Suppliers:

Today it has been announced that our owner, Bard Capital Holdings, has signed an agreement to sell its interests in Blastrac to Husqvarna Group.  This has resulted from discussions lasting for over one year, and much work on behalf of Husqvarna’s Construction Division to get to know our company. As a leading global company in surface preparation, Blastrac is a significant merger opportunity to add to Husqvarna Construction’s surface preparation technology and product offerings.

Husqvarna is a Swedish public company with revenues close to US$5B. Its Construction Division has revenues around US$700million. Including the acquisitions in recent years of HTC and Pullman Ermator, Blastrac represents a substantial commitment by Husqvarna to the surface preparation business.

Shot blasting, scrapers, and scarifying are new technologies to Husqvarna. Blastrac and Diamatic brands will complement and enhance the Husqvarna diamond grinding and polishing product lines.

Husqvarna are buying Blastrac for our products, technology, customer relationships, manufacturing capability and employee base.  Over time there will be changes resulting from the combination, including new opportunities for employees of both companies.

The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2020. In the meantime, it is “business as usual”.  The Cyclone and U.S.-based Global Contracting Services (Skidabrader, Cyclone Services and Diamatic Management Services) activities are not part of the sale and will remain under the ownership of Bard Capital.

“Blastrac and Husqvarna have been robust but respected competitors for many years.  We are excited to marry our business to a strong and long-term industry player,” said CEO Brian MacKenzie of Blastrac. “In these uncertain times, size and financial strength will be important to our employees and customers alike.”

“I am delighted to start working with Blastrac management and employees to build and expand our offering in the market for surface preparation. And I look forward to welcoming the Blastrac employees and customers to our company,” said Karin Falk, President of the Husqvarna Construction Division.

We will continue to keep you updated with details as they unfold. We look forward to continuing our partnership  with you.


Brian Mackenzie

President, Blastrac Global

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Diamatic Extends Offer for 0% Interest


Blastrac and Diamatic are continuing to working with there lenders to help our customers, we have extended our World Of Concrete financing special.  We know that you are essential to keeping construction jobs going in this time and we are working on different ways to help you stay mobile, stay working or help you get ready when you are able to get back out there.  Contact us for details and help with your financing.

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During this difficult COVID-19 period which affects us all. Blastrac would like to look forward to the time after the crisis. For the moment a lot of surface preparation projects have been postponed or stopped, however
after this “quiet” period we expect that projects will start again in full swing.
In order to be prepared we would like to help our valuable customers!

Therefore we have the following special offer.

20% discount on list prices for all liners and blast wheels for your Blastrac shot blasting machines!
50% discount on labor costs for inspection, maintenance and repair on all of your Blastrac machines!

For further information. please do not hesitate to contact us!
Validation: 31st of May 2020
Steve Klugherz
President Blastrac NA

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A Message To Our Valued Customers and Partners During These Times

As you know, we are in uncharted territory. In an effort to keep everyone safe and create an environment of support, we are posting direct phone numbers to our key staff within technical support, sales and in our service centers nationwide.

We understand that things are fluid but want to remind you that Blastrac and Diamatic are there for you and your business. We are hopeful this situation will calm down within 2-4 weeks. Therefore, in some cases, we will be offering discounts to help with the delays as well as first-month financing for lease arrangements to assist with cash flow.

Should you need training or re-certification, we have developed online classes and we invite your team to sign up. If your equipment needs repaired, we are extending labor and parts discounts in our locations.

We are trying to do anything we can to make this challenging time as smooth as possible for you and our employees.

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail your representative if we can be of assistance.

We appreciate you and your business partnership. 

Steve Klugherz

President, North America 

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