A Few Concrete Polishing Tips

Even when using a top of the line concrete polisher, following a few concrete polishing tips can help to make the job much easier and more successful. So, what steps must you follow for your concrete polishing to be hailed a success, and for how long will the effect of a nicely polished concrete floor last?

Use your concrete polisher to take a small amount off the surface of your concrete floor, only around 1/16” is needed. If you, then, want to add a little color to your floor you can perhaps choose a nice pattern or some sort of stone finish. A good concrete polishing job will significantly reduce any chipping, peeling, flaking or other issues traditionally associated with concrete floors.

Concrete polishing is relatively new and, boy what a difference it can make in the appearance of concrete! In the “bad old days” the only treatment options for a concrete floor were painting, carpeting, tiling – everything needing to be redone or replaced every five or six years. What happened to the scrap pieces? You’ve guessed it--they are probably still lurking in a landfill site near you . . . there was no recycling in sight. A nicely polished concrete floor is definitely a greener option; as soon as the concrete polisher has finished the concrete polishing, that’s it. There are nil replacement costs, no landfill worries, and very low maintenance costs. The occasional cleaning will leave your floor looking as good as new.

All you have to do to keep your polished concrete floor looking shiny and new is to clean it occasionally. If you’d like something a little “fancy” on your concrete floor don’t panic . . . experienced, professional concrete polishers can make your concrete floor look like it’s tiled, add a color or make it look like solid stone.

Not only does concrete polishing make your floor look good, and stay looking good, it also helps to repel harmful products like chemicals, water, it can even help to protect your floor from abrasive damage. Polished concrete floors also have a terrific non-slip quality, how much will that help to improve your working environment?

Newly developed concrete polisher machines and concrete polishing techniques really are the way forward and can make a huge difference in many types of industrial property – it is affordable, low maintenance, highly damage resistant and environmentally friendly. There really is nothing more to say about it . . . is there?

[January 2, 2014]