Polished Concrete Flooring Holds Appeal for Homes and Businesses

Polished concrete floors have a number of advantages over other types of flooring which make them appealing to residential and business owners alike. Medical facilities, supermarkets, schools, retail store owners, government facilities and private homeowners are increasingly turning to polished concrete flooring and for good reason.

Commercial and Residential Advantages

There are various benefits to having concrete polished floors. One of the main appeals is that it is cost efficient for both commercial and residential owners. First of all, the slab on grade foundation is what is polished and therefore does not require the application of additional materials.

Durability is another attractive benefit of polished concrete floors that also positively influences its cost effectiveness. These floors are extremely resistant to damage and last a long time, eliminating the expense of repairing or replacing other types of flooring. Their durability is ideal for use in high traffic areas that can take an enormous toll on other flooring materials.

Polished concrete floors are also low maintenance, only requiring the occasional damp mopping which saves on stripping and waxing as well as the manpower to accomplish such tasks. The polished effect makes concrete floors extremely easy to clean and they resist allergens, dirt and dust, which makes them more health-friendly. This type of flooring also does not require the use of hazardous adhesives, coatings, or cleaners during installation or afterwards.

Versatility and Upkeep

Most people are surprised to find that polished concrete is available in a wide selection of both colors and designs. The process of creating polished concrete floors is controlled via a multi-step process that allows for the selection of applied sheen as well as color. This versatility makes polished concrete a perfect choice for meeting both the physical requirements and the aesthetic appearance of homes and businesses. The only real requirement to concrete floor polishing is that should be ground every five years. Grinding prevents floor deterioration and keeps the concrete in top condition and looking and performing at its best.

The resurfacing process is easily completed with the right concrete polishing equipment. A thin upper layer is removed and then a sealant is applied. During this process, you can have the stain color or texture changed by applying acid or natural stains or utilizing various techniques, some of which can provide your floor with an expensive marble look.

[August 25, 2014]