Do You Consider Yourself a Concrete Floor Polishing Expert?

Are you a concrete floor polishing expert? If the answer to that question is no, then brushing up on the basics of concrete floor polishing wouldn’t hurt. If you are looking into it because you have a particularly large project on your hands, perhaps calling a polished concrete services provider should be on your TO DO list. Either way, learning a bit about it will help you think through the considerations.

Have you ever looked at one concrete floor, yours, and then went somewhere else and their concrete floor just looked different. You have the awful sense that they're not quite the same. Maybe you have to take photos to confirm it. But yes, it’s true. Your concrete floors just don’t have any shine.

Polished concrete floors have become a trend in the construction and home decorating fields for the last few decades. In fact, although many home and renovation arenas have seen a hit in the last few years because of the economy, concrete polishing has remained quite popular. At least part of this is due to the fact that you can actually save a lot of money by polishing concrete floors. You don’t have to replace or strip old flooring. Just polish it up!

Polishing and grinding specifics can be different for different floors. The procedure can vary some. But for the most part, it is similar to sanding wood. First, you will grind the surface using diamond pads that are coarse and will get increasingly finer in “grit” so that you make the floor level. You usually start with metal bond pads and eventually switch to resin bond pads. At different points of the process you will use hardeners or densifiers in order to improve the efficiency of the grinding.

Once things are gotten to a point with grinding where you are using even finer grit pads, you are essentially polishing the floor and getting it to the desired shine. Once you are done with this stage, you will protect the concrete using penetrating or film-forming treatments. This will be done at this particular time, but it is something that should be maintained and redone sporadically.

So has your opinion changed? Are you the concrete floor polishing expert that you thought you were? Perhaps it is time to call an expert so that when you do shine your concrete floor to a fine shiny gloss, you do it right the first time.

[March 6, 2014]