BDC-1330LP Dust Collector


The Diamatic™ BDC-1330 LP has been designed for the tough conditions of concrete dust collection and built for multi-purpose use, from hand grinders and crack chasers, to small and medium grinding and polishing machines. Its superior filter system reduces airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment. This tough, industrial grade vacuum has a pressure-molded, resin-reinforced plastic body that won’t rust or dent.

Air Flow: 300 CFM

Power: 3 Independent Motors / 16A (110v, 230v) 1Ø

Weight: 157 lbs

Filter Cleaner: M-Class Star Filter/HEPA Filter

Dust Hose Connection: 2″ or 3″

Dimensions: L 31″ x W 24″ x H 62″

Cleaning: Manual Shaker

Static Pressure: 108″ H2O

Dust Removal: LongoPac Bagging System

  • Compact vertical unit is easy to maneuver and transport
  • Tough steel construction for durable life long use
  • Triple independent motor design for up to 4 HP of suction

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