The new Diamatic™ BMC-335EHY Surface Shaver is a super-duty machine designed for the most demanding jobs. With variable speed, forward and reverse, this heavy-weight performer can be maneuvered or driven without the shaving drum engaged. An easy-lift system lowers and raises the drum and fine-height adjustments are stayed in position with controls at the top of the machine. The self-propelled BMC-335HY is user-friendly and the controls are at the perfect working position. Two independent hydraulic motors offer adjustable feed speed and the unique drive system works through a pedestal mechanism. Comfortable and easy to use with low vibration and precise depth control.

Working Width: 13″

Drum Speed: 3,600 RPM

Power: 15 HP / 460V, 3 Ø , 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: L 59″ x W 24″ x H 38″

Weight: 895 lbs

Dust Hose Connection: 3″

Tooling Diameter: 10″

  • Heavy weight for increased tool performance
  • 3-phase electric motor for drum/separate drive system
  • Comfortable easy to use, low vibration
  • Easy-lift drum system and fine-height adjustment controls

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