This product is in the process of being rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the Husqvarna offering. For more information, contact your Husqvarna representative

BMG-2200 Grinder


The Diamatic™ BMG-2200 nicknamed the RED BULL is a large scale ride-on floor grinding machine designed for large horizontal surfaces. With two front driven wheels and a swivel back wheel makes the machine very maneuverable on and outside job sites. The operator will work on a comfortable seat with arm rest on both sides, joysticks, push buttons and a touch screen. This makes the machine very effective and ergonomic to operate.

Grinding Width: 87″

Disc Speed: 400 – 1200 RPM

Head Pressure: 600 -900 lbs

Tooling Diameter: 9″

Dimensions: L 136″ x W 89″ x H 78″

Weight: 6677 lbs

Segment Capacity: 54

  • Designed for large horizontal surfaces
  • Extremely maneuverable both on and off the job site
  • Touch screen and joystick put the controls at the operators fingertips allowing for comfortable and ergonomic operation 
  • 6 high intensity LED lights

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