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BMG-555 Grinder


The 555 PRO Grinder Polisher 22”, single phase 230V planetary grinder has been designed for the middle size grinder market and has some new features not found on other grinders in its class. With a completely new, bullet proof drive system, a 10 minute breakdown, and disassembly, the 555 Pro Grinder design allows it to be moved to basements and other hard to reach areas. This high production, mid-level machine is offered with a 7.37 horsepower motor and variable speed, 600 lbs of productivity.

Grinding Width: 22″

Disc Speed: 350 – 1100 RPM

Tooling Diameter: 7″

Power: 7.4 HP / 230 V (30A), 1ø

Dust Hose Connection: 3″

Dimensions: L 78.3″ x W 23.6″ x H 40.7″

Weight: 600 lbs

Segment Capacity: 18

  • Variable speed control
  • Dust free operation when connected to an appropriate dust extractor
  • Can be used for both wet and dry grinding
  •  Dual shroud brush and squeegee attachment for dust pick up 

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