Choosing your Concrete Polishing

5 Easy Steps

Are you ready to add pizazz to your concrete floor finishing?  Here are 5 easy steps to think about:

Step 1: What color will compliment the room theme you’re looking for?  Are you looking for an airy bright open space feel?  Then choose light colors such as white, off white, creams, and beige.  If you have higher traffic areas such as a restaurant or grocery store, then medium tones will do the trick.  The medium tone pulls the weight down visually and discretely hide possible temporary dirt.  If your theme needs to showcase items such as state-of-the art pieces or classic show cars, choose the darker shiny colors to create that mirror-like concrete polish.

Step 2: Select from glossy to a matte sheen concrete polishing.  Glossy is ideal for a light polish concrete flooras this will contribute to the bright airy look.  A glossy floor feels fluid.  It feels lucid and open.  It also looks very similar to marble or granite shiny properties, but a polished concrete floor is definitely much cheaper.

Picking a matte sheen looks great in warehouses, manufacturer buildings, or stores.  If you want to achieve wood-like quality flooring, or just don’t want that extra shine choose matte or semi-gloss for your polished concrete

Step 3: Think about textures and variation.  Because this is a polished concrete floor, there are more options than ever.  Do you want geometric designs, speckled, or fonts with a company logo on your beautiful floor?  Do you want the same look as Terrazzo marble, quartz, or granite?  What about black basalt or bumpy river rocks underneath your feet? 

Step 4:  Choose concrete polishing for what it is best known for, its multiple benefits.  It is substantially cheaper than real marble or granite.  It’s extra durable with very low maintenance.  A polished concrete resist stains from oil, tire marks and scuffs.  Its non-slippery.  Also, heavy storage weights, vehicles, rough jack pallets can move about freely.

Step 5:  The last step is easy.  Pull together the favorite of your favorites and contact Diamatic or visit to get started.  Their fully knowledge staff can help you answer all your questions.