Compelling Reasons to Opt for Polished Concrete Services

Polished concrete adds character to the home or commercial décor. Concrete dyes heighten the color vibrancy and enhances the aesthetic appeal of floors. Polishing concrete floor has significant competitive advantage over other floor coverings for every user segment. Apart from delivering great value, decorative concrete offers a number of other compelling reasons to outshine other options.

Advantages of residential polished concrete

  • Cost-efficient as the need to use traditional floor covering materials is done away with slab on grade floor surface
  • Replacement costs are dramatically slashed owing to significantly lower vulnerability to damage compared to other materials
  • Cleaning is easy as the floor won't harbor allergens, dirt and dust
  • Enhances the curb appeal of the property with a spectacular range of colors and designs

Advantages of retail and commercial polished concrete

  • Comes within allocated budget and keeps the upkeep costs low
  • Does not give away to mindless scuffing and stays fit even through constant contact with abrasion inducing agents; no need to periodically wax and strip the floor by moving heavy objects
  • Higher service life as occasional damp mopping will keep the floor glowing; messy waxes or expensive coatings are not required
  • Labor cost and loss of precious business hours are eliminated
  • Polished concrete’s shining surface exhibits resistance to forklift truck tire marks and stains from oil or chemical spills
  • Not affected by moisture transmission issues as floors are allowed to breathe in the absence of sealants
  • Greater light reflectivity assists restaurants etc to project a clean, bright and professional image of them; further energy costs are slashed owing to a reduced requirement of artificial lighting
  • Poses no health issues as flooring does not require any hazardous cleaners or adhesives

Exploiting the versatility of dyes

Dyes offer great flexibility in achieving the desired color on the concrete with a distinctive radiance that is hard to overlook. Variegated look can be produced by dyes by blending with acid stains. The water and solvent based dyes can accomplish a potpourri of colors such as radiant hues, subtle earth tones or pastels. One can select the base color and then start building up from there with the dyes bumping up the color in notches. Translucent dyes exhibit the tendency of penetrating the concrete, consequently drying up within a minute. Minimal cleaning is needed post application. Dye is the inevitable choice for literally every application in which the installer seeks rich mottling effects with less installation time.

Concrete polishing is executed in multiple steps which offer the flexibility of choosing the level of sheen ranging from stain to high intensity glow in conformity with aesthetic and maintenance needs of owner. Polished concrete services can score the highest degree of shine comparable to that of granite or polished marble. People on a low budget who cannot afford the brilliant, mirror like finish of marbles can expect to accomplish the same level of gloss with polished granites. Decorate your floor space with awe-inspiring shades and bask in the glory of brilliant décor.


[June 21, 2013]