Types of Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete floor finishes are gaining high popularity due to its durability and exquisite nature. The Concrete flooring material is used to provide a smooth walking surface. These are mainly used in walkways, driveways, interior flooring, pool decks etc.

Due to their extensive usage, these floors are subjected to wear and tear and therefore it’s important to choose the right concrete to make good flooring. Though there are various types of concrete floors yet each one is different in its beauty and versatility. There are different styles of concrete floor finishes ranging from basic to extensive. However, some of the popular types of concrete floor finishes are discussed below.

Stained Concrete Finish

This is the most popular floor finish which is used to strengthen the appearance of concrete flooring. It gives natural look of a stone to the floor. These finishes can be either water-based or acid-based depending on its end use. Generally, acid-based finishes create a diversified look while water-based finishes give the polished concrete floor a uniform finish. They give elegance to the floor, when used as a floor decoration and are also very cost-effective in nature. Due to these features, stained concrete finish is widely used and is widely recognized by the masses.

Broom Concrete Floor Finish

Broom finish is used to create beautiful textures on the floor. It is done by using a special broom which is carefully brushed when the concrete is almost set to create a very different anti-slip texture. In this technique, the direction of the running broom strokes can be different, so highly decorative and exclusive designs can be created by using this finish. Also, different patterns can be created while concrete polishing by either adding colors to the concrete itself or to the broom along with dyes to evolve some magnificent designs.

Stamped Concrete Floor Finish

Stamped concrete finishes have a wide range of categories in terms of availability of designs and patterns. It includes slate, flagstone, brick, tile and many more choices. This finish can be combined with other range of finishes like color, salt finish etc. A very important advantage of this finish is that it is practically maintenance-free, but it requires a great deal of precision and experience to create them. Therefore stamping of the three dimensional motifs in colored concrete are often undertaken by professionals.

Seeded Aggregate Finish

This is a technique in which the aggregates like stones and sand particles, which are generally covered by a cement layer, are revealed onto the topmost layer of the concrete. They are generally used in the construction of garden pavements and other flatwork applications. The aggregates which are used for this finish can vary in sizes and shapes. They are highly durable since this kind of aggregates are resistant to external abrasion and pressure.

Concrete floor finishes are therefore important since they cater to the basic necessity of flooring and add aesthetic value to the premise. However, choosing the finish accordingly to its functionality, maintenance, style and cost effectiveness is very important.

[September 18, 2013]