Decorative Concrete Floor Finishing

When it comes to concrete polishing services, it may surprise many people when they learn that there are a number of decorative options to consider. No longer does it have to be a plain grey surface with nothing unique to offer. Instead, the industry consistently finds ways to make sure that the design aspect of concrete floor finishing is always evolving to match the customer’s needs. In fact, the decorative design options for polished concrete floors are nearly endless. This is another reason why the popularity of the product has started to rise in recent years and why, with continued creativity, its popularity will increase.

There are many different ways to make a polished concrete floor stand out. To begin with, when creating a concrete floor, there are a number of unique aspects of the mixture that can be changed. For example, one can add certain pieces to the mixture to make it pop. One of the common additives to a concrete mixture is that of colored aggregate which is best described as an assorted mixture of small stones. As the concrete is polished, the aggregate begins to show making the floor look multifaceted. In addition, it is important to note that concrete can be colored. It does not have to be just grey, but can be colored to match a number of different styles and themes. In addition to coloring and adding aggregate, any number of pieces can be added to the concrete mixture. Other popular additives include glass, bolts and even computer chips. They all present a unique decorative touch to any concrete polishing service.

Another way to create a decorative design for concrete floor finishing is to pour the flooring into a pattern or design. Some flooring can be colored one way, while other parts of the floor can be colored a different color to make it contrast. In addition to pouring the flooring into specific shapes and patterns, another popular decorative concrete floor finish can be accomplished by utilizing distinctive lines and engraving techniques. The design options for this are endless, and the creativity of the designer can help to produce a unique and one of a kind floor for any application.

These unique and decorative concrete polishing services have made polished concrete a more popular option in residential homes, as well as upscale retail and office buildings. As the design aspects evolve and grow so will the popularity of the product.

[February 6, 2014]