4 Tips for Concrete Floor Grinding in a Retail Environment

Everything needs maintenance, and concrete floors are no exception. It is certainly true that concrete floors maintain themselves much better than many other flooring options. That is why many retail spaces choose concrete flooring. Compared to flooring like vinyl composite tile (VCT), it is considered very low maintenance and cheap. Compared to maintenance issues that come with other floorings, the floor polishing that is needed for concrete floors is great. At some point, polishing the floors will be needed, which for many people means renting concrete grinding polishing equipment. Knowing what you are getting into helps.

Concrete floor grinding is more like working with stone versus something that you are waxing. That is often a misconception. And in the end you will find the incredible benefit that they can provide to businesses, particularly in yearly maintenance expenses.

It helps to go over some general tips when entering into this option for your business.

1. Plan for your floor.

This means have a pre-cleaning meeting and really discuss with employees and others the implications for this decision. Good planning means taking into account days and nights where the floors are being heavily used. Good planning takes into account how long the maintenance will take in different areas and how this will affect normal operations. Think through and discuss this is with different levels of the business so that everyone can be on the same page.

2. Find out what you can about the current floors.

The best results are when you can track down the exact products that were previously used in the flooring. What type of densifier was used and was there a guard product or stain protector that was applied? It is generally ideal to use the same line of products that were used previously.

3. Train for it.

What this means is getting to know what it means to use a concrete floor grinding machine and how to get the floors to look good when you are done. It is hard to read about it, so it truly helps to just get behind the machine and practice. You would be amazed how difficult it can be and how efficient it can go after knowing the results of different chemicals and the more effective ways to grind the surface.

4. Plan for afterwards.

This means creating a plan where you can truly maintain the surface for years to come. Retail floors are going to see some wear, so make it a point to monitor the floors and develop a regimen to keep the floors healthy, clean, and well-polished.

[June 16, 2014]