Concrete Floor Polishing and Finishing – Give A New Look to Existing Floor

There were days when concrete floors were only considered in the commercial and industrial segments. But today they are exceedingly used in apartments, studios and high-end condominium units. Family homes too have concrete floors in their garage or basement. Concrete is a highly durable material, thus they don’t need frequent maintenance. All they need is a regular cleaning and care to look glossy and new.

Polishing concrete floor is a vital step taken in care of the old as well as new concrete floor. Polishing concrete is same as sanding wood. The process is done to remove the dull layer of the floor and replace it with a new, polished layer of concrete. Polishing turns out to be a blessing for floors that are suffering from worn out and boring surface. It is also performed on the newly made concrete floor to as a part of its finishing process.

Concrete floor Grinding

Concrete floor polishing will remove dust, if any, arrived during the installation procedure and make the floor shine like a glass! The contractors use concrete polishing equipment or tool to execute the above process. Concrete grinding polishing equipment comprises of rotating discs that remove one eighth inch of the surface and leave a smooth and shimmering floor.

Concrete polishing doesn’t require much technical expertise. You can learn the steps and execute them on your own. But unfortunately, the machine and tools involved in the process are very expensive. So, it is certainly not a wise idea to purchase them for a one time process of concrete floor finishing. Rather, you can hire professionals who have the experience and expertise to perform this job like at Diamatic USA.

Some companies offer various concrete polishing tools and equipment for rent, which is a great alternative for people who want to save the maximum amount possible! Remember, you can’t select any model or equipment to polish your concrete floor. It needs skills and experience to select the right tool for your project. Grinding is required at every five years to prevent the floor getting deteriorated.

Resurfacing Your Concrete Floor

Resurfacing is a great alternative to regain the shine and appeal of your concrete floor. In the process, the skinny upper layer is removed from the old floor and then the surface is sealed to keep it new for a long lasting time. If you simply want to add flair to your concrete floor, you may add natural or acid stains in it. When poured perfectly, stains can make your concrete floor look like a marble floor.

There is a wide array of colors to choose from in the concrete staining process. Stained concrete eliminates the dullness and dryness of the old concrete floor and make it look sleek and sparkly again. Staining is also performed during the installation process of the new concrete floors.

Tip: Concrete sealing should be done after 6 months of your new concrete floor installation for the first time and then after at a regular interval of two years.

[December 14, 2012]