Types of Concrete Floor Polishing Equipment

A wide range of concrete floor polishing equipment is available enabling you, or your chosen professional service provider, to do the best job possible.

  • Grinding and polishing machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment to polish your concrete floor. A “virgin” concrete floor will need to be ground smooth before it can be suitably polished, taking up to 1/16” off the surface. These grinding and polishing machines are available for purchase or for rent Better yet, why not hire a professional to use their own concrete floor polishing equipment to guarantee the best results.
  • Dust collectors. All of the concrete grinding naturally makes lots of concrete dust. For the best results, it’s important that your newly ground concrete surface is clean and dust free. Industrial dust collectors are the perfect choice for the job and can be used with hand grinders, as well as small, medium, and large industrial polishing and grinding equipment. A clean, dust free working environment is essential for best results.
  • Micro polishing machines are the perfect choice in concrete floor polishing equipment for use on all types of concrete or terrazzo stone surfaces. Large areas can be polished until they shine. This piece of equipment to polish your concrete floor is most suited for finishing off new concrete or stone floors, and the restoration and rejuvenation of old slabs until they are returned to their former glory with superb architectural finishes.
  • Handheld concrete floor polishing equipment is also available, although this type of small, lightweight equipment is particularly suited for walls, protrusions, and areas that would be difficult to access using a larger piece of equipment to polish your concrete floor. Grinders, Shrouds, and Dekra Saws are all available in handheld versions for maximum versatility.

Apart from the different types of floor polishing machines, there is also a comprehensive selection of chemical applicators and systems available which perfectly finish off the job you’ve started. These systems can help to transform a rather ordinary looking concrete floor into a decorative, attractive floor perfect for retail outlets, schools and other institutions, sports halls, and architectural applications. The ranges of environmentally friendly products are designed to not only bring out the very best in your concrete floor, but also to ensure that the effects are long lasting, providing the complete package to complement your concrete floor polishing. equipment.

[January 24, 2014]