What is Concrete Floor Polishing?

There are many different choices when it comes to picking out the type of flooring to use in your space. One option, that has started to gain popularity in recent years, is having a polished concrete floor. While, at first, thinking about having concrete as your flooring option may not sound very glamorous, it is important to realize that it is no longer the simple grey slab it once was. Concrete floor polishing has become a popular choice for many reasons. What many people do not realize is the number of coloring options as well as shine options that are available in a polished concrete floor. From a high-gloss finish to a more satin look, there are a number of choices to make sure the floor fits perfectly in your specific space.

Concrete floor polishing is the process of grinding down the concrete surface in order to create a naturally glossy finish. Since this finish occurs without using stains, waxes, or any type of coating, it lasts longer and requires far less upkeep than other flooring options. Depending on the polishing process that is used, the finished product can vary greatly, and it is easy to customize a look to suit the specific style and taste you are looking for. There are a couple of basic steps that need to be followed in order to accomplish this task and present a polished concrete floor. While this will work on almost any concrete floor surface, there are certain types of concrete that may not take to the process as well. A flooring professional will be able to take a look at your specific floor and see if concrete floor polishing is a good option for you.

Another one of the great aspects of polished concrete flooring is the durability and long lasting performance of concrete in general. The lifetime of concrete far surpasses that of other flooring options and that is why you will commonly find it in high traffic areas such as retail establishments and offices. Concrete floor polishing also requires far less maintenance and upkeep than other flooring options. Unlike wood and tile, polished concrete flooring does not need to be waxed in order to maintain its shine and gloss finish. In many cases homeowners are starting to realize that concrete floor polishing is a great way to mimic the look of granite and marble flooring while saving substantially in flooring costs.

[February 20, 2014]