Concrete Floor Resurfacing For a Shiny Floor

Are you sick of your dull and featureless floor system? Well, you need not to replace your existing floor system entirely and make a huge investment. Rather, I have an economical and extremely efficient idea to share with you. Rejuvenate your existing floor with diamond polished concrete. Not only you will get glossy and easy-to-clean floor but your maintenance cost will be reduced drastically.

Below are the top 8 reasons for choosing Diamond polished concrete floors:

  1. Concrete is hardened inside and out. A dust-free coating is created which lasts long.
  2. Topical chemical membrane isn’t used in Diamond polishing, so your floor will not turn yellow, white and look faded as the time passes. This also means that you won’t require recoating again.
  3. Increase in abrasion resistance and impact resistance which together increase the fraction co-efficient of your flooring system. So, it is hard to get slipped on polished concrete floor; be it dry or wet.
  4. In comparison to steel troweled concrete, polished concrete floor has 30% higher ambient light reflection co-efficient. More lighting and less electricity bills!
  5. It is in compliance with OSHA and ADA guidelines for safe floor systems.
  6. Densifier is used which provide resistance to chemicals, tire marks, oil, stains and other workplace damage. This property has made it popular amongst contractor and manufacturers. And polished concrete is widely used in the floor system of hospitals, warehouses, airports, museums, sports stadiums and civic centers.
  7. Even if you don’t use color dyes, polished concrete brings aesthetics and design features to your floor.
  8. The concrete polished floor can be maintained in a good condition by regular cleaning with a neutral cleaner. You need not to go for sealing and waxing.

Go Green…

The list of reasons doesn’t end here. One of the major reasons for selecting diamond polished concrete floor is its eco-friendly nature. Diamond grinding equipments refine and polish the floor such that it won’t require secondary floor covering. Carpet, vinyl or wood is harnessed from the nature and finish up within 5 years. You can avoid the use of these floor covering options and thrive on the most sustainable floors – the Diamond polished floors.

At Diamatic USA, you will find both new and used concrete grinding equipment for sale or rent. In Diamond polishing method, the floor is grinned with fine diamonds. You won’t find a need to re-polish it at least before 10 years. Diamond concrete polish is highly resistive to bacteria and allergens. This makes it a perfect flooring solution for hospitals, residents, restaurants, salons, garages and businesses.

Concrete polishing is safe, economical and low maintenance floor covering option, which fits to all needs and budget. So, if you are looking for floor options? Look no further! Go the diamond way and secure a glossy, shiny, lighting, smooth, sleek and eye-catching floor system.

[November 21, 2012]