Concrete Polish

We have come a long way considering that in the early days, walking on dirt was very common.  The wild grass did not grow on the pathway because of the constant footsteps continually pressed upon the earth.  Our dirt roads should have stopped there, but when the rain came, mud soon followed.  Cobblestones bound together by mortar solved the mud issue in the 15th century. Asphalt appeared in the beginning of the 20th century.  Through the years, the materials improved to withstand the weather elements, foot and vehicle traffic.

This holds true looking indoors.  During the medieval time, the ground floor was just as it was, the dirt floor and it was dusty. Through the years, floor materials were added and improved.  Terrazzo, wooden planks, tiles, linoleum, laminate, and carpet were later incorporated and became part of our everyday flooring system. 

Just over two decades ago, a new type of flooring became part of the everyday architecture.   A polished concrete floor suddenly became popular and in high demand.   Many warehouses, airports, museums, restaurants, retail and grocery stores, schools, residential, military hangars, and more all caught on to concrete polishing  and the demand is ever increasing.

To have a concrete polish means the floors are long-lasting and durable.  The material easily outlasts and outlives the life span of tiles, terrazzo, wood, or other soft flooring materials.  Its indestructible strength can handle heavy weights. Airplanes, machinery, warehouse jack pallets, cars, etc. easily sits atop a polished concrete with no problem.  It also resists tire marks, dirt and scuff marks. Unlike other materials such as wooden planks or hardwood flooring that dries, chips or warps through time, a concrete polish will not chip, warp, or dent.

Another appealing feature is that a concrete floor finishing is aesthetically beautiful. Polished concrete machines are used to embellish and finalize the concrete floor we now know.  It entails vibrant details such as colors, speckles, marble-like grooves, or the rich look of granite.  The lines are simple or complex.    Fonts are sometimes crafted in.  The floors may have a high gloss shine, medium gleam, or matte. 

A polished concrete is sought after for its durability, versatility, and capability to withstand the changing weather elements and high traffic.  It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and last but not least, is also very economical.  Add all these positive aspects plus money in your pocket is truly the real reason polishing concrete floor has paved our way to new paths.

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[November 29, 2012]