How To Take a Concrete Polisher To That Old Garage

Do you have a garage that just isn’t looking so great anymore? You avoid it as much as possible because you can’t stand to look at it. No matter how much you tidy up the odds and ends you have there, you can’t help but look down at the floors. Those unappealing concrete floors. During one winter every afternoon you would go out there and do what you could to hide them. The stains and the dullness and the lackluster concrete floors that make you not even want to take your car out for a spin. Don’t fret. Do something about it. Rent a concrete polisher and turn that old garage into something you don’t mind calling your own.

First, sweep your garage and make sure it is clean. Get all that loose debris and get it ready for the rest. Next, take a mop, some soapy water, and clean it good with that. Go out and buy a degreaser and get the stains as best as you can. And in the end make sure all the soap is cleaned off and so you’ve gotten the floor about as clean as you can get it using basic things like water, soap, and degreaser.

Next, load yourself up in your car or truck and go rent some polished concrete equipment. Do some research and get just what you need for that garage of yours. Wait until the floor is completely dry and then put the appropriate pad on the concrete polisher. Plug it in.

Don’t start yet! Have some acrylic floor polish on hand and pour it out on the concrete in front of the polisher. Make sure it is on the slowest speed and begin polishing with the spinning brush. Keep pouring more as needed and don’t stop until the entire floor has a good coat.

Once you’re done with that, switch to a buffing brush. This is only after the floor is dry from the floor polish. Then buff, buff, and buff and get that floor looking sparkly and new. As you do it, and perhaps watch some videos online to get some hints, you will gradually get to know some tricks to getting the floors particularly shiny.

Before you know it, you’ll find a garage you don’t hate and floors that you can be proud of. Polishing those concrete floors may just be your ticket to ultimate garage content.


[March 14, 2014]