Concrete Polishing Equipment and Services for Home and Business

Roughly 80 percent of commercial businesses as well as a growing number of homeowners in the United States use concrete as their flooring of choice. Polishing the concrete surface provides an attractive floor that is both extremely durable and low maintenance. With the right concrete polishing equipment and services, this gorgeous and long-lasting flooring option can be had affordably. What’s more, concrete offers a wide range of options such as coloring, patterning and texturing which, with the high gloss finish, don’t even look like concrete.

The Process of Polishing Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors require a special process in order to achieve that desirable shine as well as slip-resistant surface. Those who are experienced in such DIY projects can rent the required equipment and have the satisfaction of achieving polished concrete floors themselves. Those that tend to avoid DIY projects can still obtain beautiful, durable and slip-resistant floors by hiring a professional polished concrete services provider.

Preparing the Floor Surface – The first step is to properly prepare the existing concrete floor covering or coating for the grinding process which is critical for ensuring sound polishing and recoating adhesion. Various types of concrete floor equipment for preparing surfaces are available and the type used is determined by surface size, substrate thickness and existing floor covering if applicable. Light grinders, shot blasters and industrial scrapers are some of the machines used in this process.

Making Necessary Repairs – Once the concrete floor has been stripped, surface defects must be repaired and smoothed out. Defects such as cracks, unfinished joints, gouges and pop-outs can both compromise safety and reduce the appeal of the finished surface. Repair products selected for this phase must meet several factors such as cure time, color and color stability, safety and durability.

Grinding – The concrete floor is now ready for heavy grinding using machines that contain coarse disks such as diamond-impregnated pads. Grinding pads begin with coarse surfaces with finer grits being gradually substituted in order to achieve a smooth floor surface. Concrete polishing equipment and services can complete this task by utilizing dust collectors for minimal disturbance.

The Polishing Process – The final step achieves the high-gloss finish and glass smooth finish that is desirable. Concrete polishing machines using the finest grit achieve this result and special compounds are sometimes applied to remove any residue. When stronger and more water resistant surfaces are desired, other products can be applied such as densifying solutions containing diamond abrasives which are water-soluble and quick-drying.

[January 27, 2015]