Concrete Polishing Equipment for Rent: Do It Yourself!

Concrete is the most used flooring material in the world. And the fact is, done with research and just a little planning you can take advantage of concrete polishing equipment for rent and make sparkling, beautiful flooring all done by yourself.

Before starting, you should get a rough idea of the scope of the project. Any do-it-yourself project requires that you realistically assess the difficulty and whether you are the person to do the job. The ability to rent the equipment does not mean that you have the know-how to use the equipment. To assist you, it’s important to outline specific phases of the project and equipment that is needed.

The first step is to determine the condition of the concrete flooring with which you are working. You need to know the hardness of the concrete. A piece of equipment used during this step would be a MOHS Concrete Hardness Tester.

Next, you need to remove any existing coatings or sealers and repair any cracks. How much this is needed varies from project to project. A few minor imperfections may not require a huge amount of worry.

Step three is to do the initial grinding using the proper polished concrete machines. At this stage, diamond abrasives can do the rough grinding that is needed. The condition of the concrete can be a factor here as well. Most likely you are going over the flooring at least three or four times with the equipment.

The next step is not always used, but it is usually a good idea. Coat the flooring with a liquid chemical hardener to add extra protection. This densifies the surface and protects it from staining and water penetration. You want the concrete hard because it gives a better polish when this is the case.

Next, go over the floor again and again using increasingly finer grit abrasives. You just need to keep an eye on the flooring. With experience and, possibly, a more experienced person taking a look at the floor, you will know when you’re done.

Finally, you may want to coat the concrete again with stain guard protection. This is another level of protection that you may or may not need depending on what is going to come in contact with your concrete flooring. If you expect a lot of stains or dirt to come along, it’s definitely a step you want to include in your plan. Take some photos from online of successful polished concrete floors and make sure your end product is as high-quality as you would like it to be.

[December 20, 2013]