Concrete Polishing Floor Expert

Do it yourself fanatics are always watching the home improvement shows on television to find their next big project. If they have been watching these shows lately, they are probably aware of how concrete floors and countertops are becoming so popular. This type of flooring can take on many different looks. It can resemble expensive tiles, marble and many other materials. All of these finishes can be done for a lower cost than the actual materials.

The results of using polished concrete can be really amazing, but they are not as easy to achieve as the home handyman may think. It is possible to rent the equipment that is needed to take on this project. But getting the right equipment does not make a person a concrete polishing floor expert. In order to achieve that status, a person needs to take the time and energy to learn how to do the job the right way. There are several steps that have to be done.

  • Identifying the surface – the high and low spots, the condition of the concrete and other things have to be considered
  • Prepare the surface – cleaning the concrete and removing sealers and coatings has to be done
  • Polish the concrete – This is a progressive process that takes you from the rough concrete to the shiny surface that is desired
  • Densify the concrete – this is the application of a chemical hardener
  • Final polishing – Getting the high gloss finish that is desired
  • Protecting the concrete – the application of a protective coating is the final step

These steps may sound easy, but they are not. It takes practice to learn how to grind and polish the concrete that you are going to use as flooring or a countertop. The difficulty in operating the machine and getting the results that are desired is why many people will turn to a professional to help them with the services.

If a person wants to do the work themselves, they need to make sure they get the right equipment. The use of polished concrete management services will help them get the material they need to not only polish the concrete the right way, but to also maintain the concrete surfaces once they have been polished. When it is done the right way, polished concrete is a surface that will look great and that will last a long time. It is something that can be used in many different ways when you are renovating a home or if you are building a new home.

[September 17, 2014]