The Concrete Polishing Process

Are you searching for the perfect concrete floor? Look no further! Concrete polishing is a practical, cost effective way to rejuvenate your old worn and scarred concrete floor. This dust free process works on both old and new concrete surfaces, making them cleaner, stronger, smoother, and so incredibly beautiful that it doesn't even look like concrete. Polished concrete floors are treated surfaces that oppose damage caused by water, chemicals, and surface abrasion and that help to reduce overall maintenance expenses. Concrete polished floors will maintain the natural slip resistance capabilities of concrete floors. Due to the ease of maintenance, polished concrete floors reduce the cost of replacing old, stained carpets or damaged tiles.

The concrete polishing process uses a diamond grinding technique to remove the first 1/16" of the concrete surface. A hardener, densifier, and sealer are then applied that changes the molecular structure of the concrete wear zone. The hardener system reacts with the concrete surface to form an insoluble calcium silicate hydrate inside the concrete pores. During the polishing process, color may be added to give the surface patterns or a stone like finish. This increased surface hardness reduces dust and makes things easier for maintenance by producing a cleaner and healthier environment. The options of a wide range of gloss/reflection levels increases luminescence levels which reduces energy costs, and has the ability to resist abrasion, stains, and chemicals. After installation of the concrete polishing system, peeling, chipping, and flaking issues are eliminated.

Concrete polishing is a green process in many ways. It wasn’t many years ago that concrete polishing was not an option. Your concrete floors had to be painted, carpeted, or tiled and required it all to be redone five to seven years down the road. All the scrap went to landfills making for an environmental problem because these products were not recycled. Today, once the concrete polishing process is complete, there are no replacement costs. The concrete polishing process helps the landfills and the environment by eliminating waste. Maintenance costs are reduced by up to 80% due the reduction in floor cleaning expenses and chemical costs.

The best way to save money and update your flooring space, with lower electric lighting bills, is to choose concrete polishing for your concrete floors. This will solve all your concrete flooring problems. The concrete can be decorated to look like a tiled floor, solid stone, or color can be added, making it look like whatever, you choose.

[October 28, 2013]