Choosing the Best Concrete Polishing Service

There are lots of polished concrete services around but it isn’t always easy to pick out the best. Lots of contractors claim to have a professional concrete polishing service but there’s professional . . . and then there’s professional. How do you know that you’ll be getting a truly professional concrete polishing service?

  • Do your homework before hiring someone. Check out their website, paying particular attention to feedback from their previous customers. I know what you’re thinking – they make it all up. That’s possible, but, hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. The companies with genuine positive customer feedback will give you names, photos, towns, etc., of previous satisfied customers.
  • Next check out their customer service. How does it stack up? Do the reps know their stuff and have the answers to all of your questions (don’t forget to ask questions). Do you get the impression that they will be quick to follow up on complaints or problems? A friendly customer service team is all well and good, but they’ve also got to get the job done in a satisfactory manner.
  • A friendly, professional customer service team is important, but that must carry on to the staff that will be actually carrying out the concrete polishing service. Are they courteous and friendly? Do they show up on time? Will they quickly and professionally resolve any unforeseen problems? Unforeseen problems can happen on even the most well thought out and prepared jobs . . . that’s why they’re called “unforeseen.”
  • What about their machinery? Have they got the latest equipment to use for their polished concrete services? Only by doing a professional job with quality equipment will the finished product meet up to your expectations. Representatives must be well trained and experienced in providing a first class concrete polishing service and the supervisor needs to be a regular presence to make sure the work is up to par, on time, and within the budget.
  • What about guarantees and warranties. Any contractor who is really confident about the standard of their work should offer substantial guarantees and warranties, so don’t forget to find out as much information as you can.
  • What about business service awards? The Better Business Bureau rewards companies for their outstanding customer service and standards of work. What about some recognition from within the industry for their work? Perhaps design or use of innovative working procedures. It all helps to build up a picture of the best concrete polishing service around.

[January 9, 2014]