What to look for in Concrete Polishing Services

There are many contractors offering Concrete Polishing Services; however,they are not all created equal. When choosing a contractor claiming they do polished concrete services, first do your homework and research the company. Look at the feedback left online from previous customers to get a feel for what you might expect. Remember, picking a professional polished concrete services contractor can save you all the aggravation of a poor installation caused by an unprofessional installer.

When selecting a company to install polished concrete floors, one should consider the services that are offered by the company. Your polished concrete services contractor should offer the following:

  • Does the contractor use the latest industry approved techniques and procedures for polishing concrete during installation, to ensure a quality job that will last years without having to be repaired? This can be accomplished by ensuring that the employees are properly trained using only approved concrete polishing industry procedures and techniques.
  • How is the customer service? Are the representatives friendly and courteous? Do they have sufficient knowledge of concrete polishing to answer any questions or concerns you might have? Do they meet all their obligations, such as showing up on time for scheduled appointments? Will they follow up on customer complaints or issues until they are properly resolved?
  • During the installation process, are the installers professional, friendly, courteous, and respectful of the customer, the customer’s property, and their belongings? Does supervision make periodic visits to ensure the job is proceeding on budget and schedule? Do they resolve any issues or problems that may arise? Is the supervisor professional, friendly, courteous, and respectful of the customer? Does the supervisor have the problem solving knowledge and skills to make quick, correct, and effective decisions as problems and issues develop on the job site?
  • Does the contractor have clearly written and understandable mission and vision statements that are visible on line and in their brick and mortar locations for all to see?
  • Does the contractor offer any warranties and guarantees for their work, services, and products? Does the contractor stand behind his warranties and guarantees should any problems develop? Are these problems resolved quickly to the satisfaction of the customer?
  • Has the contractor received any awards from the Better Business Bureau, or the concrete polishing industry for their work or the design of new products or procedures?

Now that you know what to look for in a polished concrete servicescontractor, you can enjoy many years of a beautiful low maintenance polished concrete floor.

[October 23, 2013]