Concrete Polishing to Gloss Your Dull Gray Floor

Is your concrete floor gripped by micro debris and cosmetic dust? Now you can easily transform your boring floor surface into vibrant flooring at a highly affordable cost. The material's natural color and absorbing property allow us to transform it into a tailor-made and uniquely designed object. There are multiple ways to rejuvenate your boring concrete floor:

Acid Stains

Acid stains are available in many different colors, including brown, oxide red and turquoise.  You may select 2-3 colors to imprint designs on the floor. You will find a large number of manufacturers and distributors of Acid stains in your state of residence. Tremendous care needs to be taken while pouring or working with acid stain.

Natural Stain

Why take any chance of getting hurt or injured from acid stains when there are natural and non-toxic stains available in the market? If you are planning to purchase natural stain to build your concrete masterpiece, make sure that the brand or company you buy this product from is certified by Green LEED.

Natural stains are an eco-friendly alternative of acid stains. If you want to save on labor, you can use coffee or iron sulfate (nicknamed are: Copperas, iron sulphate and ferrous sulfate) to stain your concrete on your own. Pouring natural color into your concrete floor will enhance the look and feel of the floor. Moreover, you can save a big fortune in comparison to acid stain.

There are several other benefits of choosing coffee or iron sulfate stains for enhancing your concrete made floor:

  • Clement, gleaming tints
  • No smoke
  • Economical
  • Nontoxic and environmental- friendly
  • One can do it on his own

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is one of the cheapest methods of regaining the shine and beauty of your floor. The process, as the name suggests, is much similar to polishing wood.  If you know how to prepare the floor for polishing and the right steps to perform the task, you can do it on your own. Or you can hire a contractor for the same.

Concrete Floor Grinders, Concrete Grinding Tools, Concrete Stains and Epoxies, Concrete Polishing Pads, Dust Collection Equipment and Burnishing Pads are some of the concrete floor polishing equipments used in concrete floor polishing.

In some cases, the shine gets reduced in a shorter time due to lack of proper methodologies and equipments for concrete polish. Thus, make sure that the polishing contractor you are going to hire is equipped with all the necessary equipments, tools and resources to obtain the desired result.

[December 12, 2012]