How to Determine Which Polished Concrete Services Are Required

If you’re looking for cost effective flooring that is durable, low maintenance and health friendly, consider polished concrete floors installed by Diamatic USA. Once used solely for industrial and commercial facilities, polished concrete is now a popular choice for homes, businesses, schools and many other building floors.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

There are numerous benefits to having Diamatic USA install your concrete polished floors.

Cost Effective – Having Diamatic USA conduct the application and processing of your polished concrete floors is affordable compared to other contractor sources and flooring types. Costs are also reduced due to lower maintenance expense.

Low Maintenance - Polished concrete maintenance is extremely easy to perform, only requiring the occasional sweeping and cleaning with a damp mop to restore its beauty. No coatings are required and the surface is both durable and dirt resistant.

No Moisture Problems – Because Diamatic USA polishes concrete floors to a glass-like smoothness that prohibits breathing, moisture cannot enter and produce issues. This is not the case with tile, wood and other types of flooring.

Bright, Clean Surface – Polished concrete floors installed by Diamatic USA provide a bright surface that is resistant to dust, dirt and allergens. These smooth, attractive floors are ideal for businesses such as hotels, offices and restaurants that need to make a good impression on customers. Their health-friendly characteristic also makes them a good option for schools and hospitals.

Applications and Services

There are various applications which can be used when Diamatic USA conducts polished concrete services. The various applications used by Diamatic USA are known as ULTRAFLOR specifications. You should therefore research and then discuss the following polished concrete flooring applications with a Diamatic USA expert in order to select the ones that are right for your situation.

ULTRAFLOR concrete systems can be designed to meet any requirement or environment. The polished concrete flooring has a surface that is hard, can contain a range of gloss levels, colors and textures, and is chemical, stain and abrasion resistant.

ULTRAFLOR maintenance is conducted by Diamatic USA on existing polished concrete floors. This routing application provides luster and protection in required degrees based on the traffic requirement.

  • Low traffic floor areas require a lesser degree of maintenance
  • Medium traffic floor areas require maintenance more frequently
  • High traffic floor areas require a greater frequency of maintenance

Outdoor polished concrete floors should be treated with a color guard that protects the surface from harmful UV rays. The UV application produces a harder surface, more resistance to scuffs and abrasions and greater stain resistance as well as protection against salt used for deicing.

Diamatic USA also provides repair services in the event your polished concrete flooring requires them. Services rendered include overlay, crack filling and repair, skim coating for pinholes and spall repair.

[August 18, 2014]