Demand for Polished Concrete Floors

Reborn Are the Days of Concrete Flooring

The bashful concrete floors that have always played a subordinate role due to the existence of many other alluring flooring solutions like marble, granite and the conventional Kota stone are witnessing tremendous demand again with the introduction of a great variety of polished concrete floor designs.

Why Choose Polished Concrete over other Flooring Solutions

It is the grinding and polishing equipment that transforms a conventional concrete floor into polished concrete floor. The diamond tools in such equipment make the floor denser and harder, so it becomes easy to clean and remains dust-free.

There are a large number of buildings, including both commercial and residential, worldwide that feature ordinary concrete floors. If you too have traditional concrete flooring in your house, factory or company which looks dull now, polishing is the ideal option to restore its charm in a sustainable approach rather than coating it with harmful chemicals or adopting floor coverings.

However, sustainability isn't the sole reason behind the booming demand for polished concrete. There are many other reasons that have played significant role in its unbeatable success.

Polishing concrete flooring is more economical solution than building a new floor from scratch. Polished concrete looks shiny and glamorous. You will also find a huge selection of designs that suit commercial places well.

Additionally, the surface of polished concrete has higher light reflection value, meaning you can cut down on your electricity bills as well. So, even if you are shifting to a new building and thinking of the best flooring solution, polished concrete is the way to go.

How to Build a Polished Concrete Floor?

In order to get perfect polished concrete flooring, you need to either resort to a professional flooring contractor or you may do it on your own. While searching over the internet, you will find a myriad of online stores selling new and used concrete grinding equipment and tools. Some outlets also offer them on rent.

Remember, polishing an existing concrete floor or building a brand new polished concrete floor isn't a piece of cake! Utmost care is needed right from the moment you begin laying concrete to the final polishing of the floor. One needs to have right skills, and expertise of using grinding and polishing equipment throughout the process, else you will encounter problems like undulations of the surface as the floors are actually never unwrinkled and flat.

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Maintaining polished concrete is easier and more cost-effective than other flooring solutions available in the market. It's not a rocket-science to learn it! You simply need to clean it regularly (clean it daily if it is in a high traffic area) with a micro fiber mop. You may use specialty floor cleaner for cleaning polished concrete flooring in high traffic area. Perform floor re-polishing every 3-4 years. Right polished concrete management will make your flooring live longer and stay glossy!

 Want to rejuvenate your concrete flooring? Shop grinding and polishing equipment online today!

[April 10, 2013]