DRP-1524 Polisher


The DRP-1524 Ride-On Propane machine was purposely designed for polishing concrete. Utilizing the most cost effective method when compared to traditional mechanical polishing. No electric power needed equals no cords to hassle with. The DRP-1524 utilizes the science of SILEX© Silica Stacking© floor treatment technology, high-quality abrasive tooling and profilometer (surface roughness meter).

Grinding Width: 60 in.

Tooling Speed: 150 RPM

Head Pressure: 700 – 750 lbs

Power: 627 cc Briggs & Stratton

Dimensions: L 60″ x W 32″ x H 46″

Weight: 760 lbs

Grinding Heads: 8

Segment Capacity: 24

  • Purposely designed to polish and refine concrete
  • Most cost effective method to utilize when compared to traditional mechanical polishing methods
  • No electric power needed equals no cords to hassle with

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