How Polished Concrete Floors Work

Choosing the right flooring option is not always easy. There are many things to consider that include the look of the floor, how the flooring will be used and the cost of the flooring. In order to make the best choice in a home, a person must take the time to understand the different options. People are familiar with wood floors and carpeted floors, but they may not be as familiar with how polishing concrete floor works.

The concrete floors present an option that many people enjoy. They can be made to look like many other types of flooring including tiled floor or wooden floors. The myriad of options, the ability to last a long time and the lower cost are just some of the reasons for turning to the polished concrete floors. The first step to understanding why concrete floors are a good option is to learn how they work. There are a series of steps that should be followed to get the results that are desired.

  • Lay the concrete – Of the concrete is not already in place it will have to be poured. If the concrete is already there, it may have to be repaired or leveled. This can be done through the use of a leveling material or patching materials.
  • Grind the concrete – Once the concrete is prepared, a process is used to grind the concrete until it is smooth. This requires a grinding machine and the grinding pads. The pads will get progressively smoother until the final pad is used to create a smooth and shiny surface. It is possible to rent the grinder, but it takes time to learn how to use it properly. Many people will turn to a professional for help in this area.
  • Adding color and patterns – This is done throughout the process. Color is added to concrete by applying a material that is designed to mix with the concrete. The pattern is often put in over the concrete.
  • Seal the concrete – Polished concrete floors can become stained or discolored in a number of ways. A sealer can protect the concrete if it is put on once the desired look has been obtained. This step requires a product that will be effective and that will last.

In the end, most of the people that choose this type of flooring are very happy with the results that they get. The versatility of the product, the relatively low cost and the amount of time that it will last with little maintenance are the most common reasons given, but it is up to each individual to figure out why they like it on their own.

[April 6, 2015]