How to Handle Polished Concrete Maintenance

When it comes to choosing the type of flooring that is going to be used in a home or business there are many different considerations to think about. One of the larger concerns that many people have when choosing flooring is the type of maintenance it will take in order to keep it looking good. While there are many different flooring choices, one of the easiest to maintain is polished concrete flooring. This has become a popular choice recently because of the ease of maintenance, as well as its durability. Concrete flooring is generally a very durable and long lasting surface to use. Even with its durability it is important to note that, without proper polished concrete maintenance, the floor will slowly begin to lose its shine and high-gloss look.

Although polished concrete is not maintenance free, the maintenance is generally much easier and quicker to accomplish than other flooring options. One of the main reasons for this is because polished concrete management does not include the use of any type of sealers or waxing, which can be timely and costly. One of the daily polished concrete maintenance tasks is a simple dust mop across the floor to pick up any loose debris such as dust, grime and any dirt that might have accumulated over the span of a day. If the dirt and dust is left unattended this debris can impact the floor and start to decrease the shine of the polished concrete. In addition to daily dry mopping, wet mopping is another aspect that should be included in polished concrete management.

When you are wet mopping, know that while clean water can be used, many times general floor cleaners are preferred because they can help to ensure that all dirt is properly cleaned off the flooring. In addition to wet and dry mopping there are a handful of tasks to keep in mind when looking at polished concrete management. It is important to note that when spills happen, as they undoubtedly will, they need to be cleaned up and taken care of quickly. If spills are left on the floor they have the opportunity to soak into the surface, which might later damage the look of the polished concrete. When cleaning with a floor cleaner, it is important to work on a small part of the floor at a time. This is because you want to avoid letting the cleaner dry and soak into the floor before it gets wiped with a mop, as the dirt and grime will dry on the floor as well.

[February 13, 2014]