Leasing Concrete Polishing Equipment or Buying: What is the Right Choice?

If a person makes a choice to put polished concrete floors in their home, they are not alone. This type of flooring is growing in popularity. The polished concrete floors look great. They can be made to look like many other surfaces that people are used to seeing. Polished concrete flooring is also very durable. Everyone knows that concrete is a building material that can last and that can withstand harsh conditions. Polished concrete flooring is also affordable. It is less expensive than many other flooring choices.

Polished concrete floors can be done by the home do it yourselfer or a homeowner can turn to a professional to create their flooring. The choice is up to each person. There are many steps involved in creating polished concrete floors, but there is one essential piece of equipment to do the work.

In order to polish concrete floors, you need to have a concrete polishing machine. The machine includes the polisher and the abrasive materials that are used to polish the floors. Not everyone owns one of these machines. There are three options that most will consider when it comes to getting one of these machines.

  • Buying a new machine
  • Buying a used machine
  • Leasing a machine

Buying a new machine is the most expensive option. It makes sense if a person is a professional that has the money to pay for the new machine and that will be able to use the machine enough so that it pays for itself. A new machine can cost as little as $5,000 or as much as $15,000.

For those that do not want the expense of a new machine, a used machine may offer a better option. The cost of used concrete polishing equipment will depend on the type of machine, the age of the machine, and the condition of the machine. Used machines can cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Concrete floor polishers can last a long time when properly cared for, but anytime you buy a used product, you need to be careful and remember that there are no guarantees that they are going to work the way that you want.

Leasing concrete polishing equipment is the best option for the home handyman. A leased machine can cost about $350 a week or $50 a day. It is the most cost effective choice unless you want to own a machine that you do not use.

No matter what choice you make, you will still need to consider the cost of the abrasive pads and the cleaners that it will take to polish the floors you want. That is something everyone must pay.

[September 22, 2014]