Level of Installers


All class attendees who complete our ULTRAFLOR® certification class will receive an ULTRAFLOR® Certificate upon completion. This certification shows that you are trained and up to date in the ULTRAFLOR® technique and systems and to remain certified you must re-certify annually with Diamatic®. ELITE and PLATINUM installers may receive an upgraded certificate based on the company size, qualifications and standards of work and have the ability to qualify for work within the (DMS) Diamatic Management Service platform. 


The Standard Level installer may include any company or persons that have been through the ULTRAFLOR® and training have the ability to install a quality ULTRAFLOR® project. This level of installer should own at least 1 or 2 Diamatic® grinders, (or an approved equal fitted with Diamag plates).  They must understand the ULTRAFLOR® systems and how they work. They may bid work on their own and install ULTRAFLOR® projects. This is the base certification that is earned by attending an ULTRAFLOR® Class.   


The Elite Level installer must meet all of the qualifications for the Diamatic Standard Level Installers. Must own 6 or more Diamatic® machines and be a regular user of Diamatic® consumables, including diamonds, chemicals, repair products, and cementitious overlayments. This level installer handles all of our ULTRAFLOR® specifications account work and is able to perform multiple installations simultaneously. The Elite Level installers have 10 plus years experience in all areas of  ULTRAFLOR® installation. They must keep and maintain current certificates at all times for their key field personnel. Elite Level installers attend advanced level classes in ULTRAFLOR® installations, products, and technologies and must renew their certificates every two years.


The Platinum Level installer must meet all of the qualifications for the Diamatic ELITE Installers and own 10 or more Diamatic® machines.  This level installer handles all of our ULTRAFLOR® specifications account work and our Diamatic Management Services® (DMS) national accounts and is able to perform multiple large commercial installations nationally and simultaneously.