The Value of a Team and Innovation Marks New and Advanced Technology in the Concrete Polishing Industry

Posted by on 05/09/2018

Diamatic success has been in the hands of its valuable employees our “Team Red”. They have spent countless hours listening intently to our customers and their needs about features and benefits of equipment design, productivity, operator safety, and costs to operate.  One of our newest major innovations was to address large scale floors for surface preparation, polishing (wet or dry) that would produce high production while removing the need for more machine operators.


Big machines have been built before, but most lacked the power to do coating removal, or they could not contain the dust, or they were mounted on a chassis that did not fit the cause AND they were expensive. Too many downsides for the contractor to invest in the equipment.  As the polished concrete business has grown exponentially, so has it changed in the marketplace with many contractors telling us they are seeing more large projects of 100k sq. ft. to 1 million sq. ft. of floors that require more than a light cream polish. Their main issue for not securing these contracts was not capital or infrastructure, it was finding the skilled labor to do the work, second it was a machine that was versatile enough to address all the different applications. If there was a way to be more productive and efficient with their current labor force an investment in a state of the art high production machine was important to the industry.  


It was from this need, that our engineers went to work and the Diamatic BMG-2200 known as the “The Red Bull” was built. Stephen Klugherz, President of Diamatic USA tasked the Diamatic design team headed by Barry van Eijden to design and build the most productive and technologically advanced grinder on the market.  Diamatic is the only top manufacturer where steal comes in and the machine, electronic control panels, and powder coating come out of the factory.  Matching that with the best design team in the industry and out comes “The Red Bull”. A beast of a machine that will pay for itself quickly as it removes 3-4-5 workers while being able to operate remotely or from the air ride seat, producing 5-8K square feet per hour is being ground.


From the first meeting of our engineers and design team to finished product was less than six months. This feat of development time is almost unheard of in any industry and a true testament to Diamatics engineering and design team and Diamatics ability to listen to the field customers.  They were able to design, prototype, test, build, and deliver a highly advanced machine in this short time frame. Others lay claim to being first, and they were, we are laying claim to being better, more efficient and technologically more advanced, and we are.  Quoting an old and true proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention” and according to Stephen Klugherz this was indeed the case.

We would like to introduce you to the Diamatic BMG-2200 “RED BULL” in action. We are selling and demoing this beast of a technology near you or we have installers that rent with an operator to help you get through those massive square foot jobs quickly and efficiently.


PS: Stay tuned we are excited that in 2019 Diamatic will be introducing a concept and technology for the professional grinding and polishing customer that will set them apart from the entire industry. Think Elan Musk……and we do not say that lightly.