A List of Polished Concrete Equipment that is Needed to Accomplish the Task

Making the decision to add polished concrete floors to a home is typically a good one. The concrete floors can be made to look like other more expensive types of flooring. They are durable and they can be used throughout most of the home. They are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. One of the things that attracts many people to the idea polished concrete floor is the ability to do this task on their own.

Taking on the job of polishing concrete floors may not be for everyone. There are professionals that have the experience needed to do a good job at a reasonable price. For some this may be the best way to turn. For others that want to turn the concrete floor of their garage into something much nicer, the chance to take on this task is too hard to pass up. Before taking on this task, it is a good idea to learn the polished concrete equipment that is needed.

The job begins with the preparation of the floor. Cracks need to be repaired and the floor has to be leveled. There are several materials that only require basic tools to apply to the concrete. Once the floor has been repaired it should be cleaned. This requires a broom and a mop and a little bit of time.

Once the floor is prepared the big equipment will be needed. A grinder and the abrasive pads will have to be obtained to do the job. The easiest way to get a concrete polishing machine is to rent it. There are plenty of businesses that have this type of equipment available. When choosing the grinding machine, make sure to get one that is powerful enough to do the job properly. It is also a good idea to ask for tips on how to use the machine and if possible get demonstrations to see how it works.

In addition to the grinding machine, the abrasive pads that actually polishing the floor will be needed. These typically can be purchased from the same place that rents the machine. They come in progressively finer grits. Make sure that you get enough pads and a fine enough grit in the end to get the finish that is desired.

The last step of the process is adding a concrete floor polish and sealer to the floor. This can usually be done using the polishing machine. It should be applied evenly to get the best results.

A good rental store will be able to provide a person with all of the equipment that is needed to polish concrete floors. It is a good idea to check with them to make sure that you have everything that is needed before you start the job.

[March 30, 2015]