Polished Concrete Floor

Not given much thought when walking into a mall or grocery store, the very floor you’re stepping on is highly more likely a polished concrete floor. Although concrete has been used as a building material for 5,000 years, polished concrete floors first emerged in 1998. Shopping malls, transportation, schools, restaurants, and even residential are just now catching on this phenomenon. Infamous Vegas hotel, Bellagio was the first in the US to have a polished concrete floor at a 40,000 square foot magnitude during 1999. A polished concrete floor is still in its infancy, but its benefits are substantial.

It’s glossy, sheen floor is aesthetically pleasing, fit for mansions and royalty. The water-like translucent polished concrete floor gives the room vibrancy and class. It’s the perfect foundation and backdrop for specialty items as it sets the mood for the special display. Classic cars or motorcycles are singled out and showcased as it sits beautifully on the mirror-like polished concrete floor.

More importantly, its low maintenance and high durability is what makes polished concrete exponentially in demand. It’s been projected that 1.2 billion square feet of polished concrete will be created in the next three years. The US Military is fully aware and embraces polishing concrete floor. More US Military hangars are equipped with polished concrete flooring as tanks, combat jets, and equipment sits atop these polished concrete floors. A polished concrete flooring is durable, hard wearing and will not chip or dent like softer surfaces such as wood or tiles. Why settle for a 10-20 year life expectancy of other flooring, when a polished concrete floor can last 100+ years?

Polished concrete floors resist stains from oil, tire marks and scuffs. It’s perfect for a garage, warehouse or manufacturing building. Heavy storage weights and rough jack pallets can move about freely on this highly sustainable floor. Its relatively high coefficient of friction can make it non-slippery, a perfect solution for any high traffic area.

Lastly, instead of spending more money to add a finished surface, polish it. Most modern buildings are already built on a concrete slab, so polish the exposed concrete instead. This equals fewer materials which mean more money savings.

Reap the benefits of the long lasting, money saving, high durability polished concrete floor. Trust the Diamatic USA experts, and you’ll never look at flooring the same way again.