Benefits to Polished Concrete Floors

No matter what your home project is, you probably have some kind of budget. It may seem like an additional expense to choose polished concrete for your floors, but there are plenty of benefits that will pay off in the long run.

It is Authentic

Using polished concrete floors in your house means that you may be using materials that are already there. Many houses are built on a concrete slab. Rather than adding materials to cover your floors, go green and use what you’ve already got. It can add an authentic feel to a house, just as many houses attempt to reuse and restore original doors or fixtures. Consider the selling point you can include some day when you are selling the house. You have the ability to say, “Yes, under your feet are the original concrete floors.”

It is Low-Maintenance

Consider contacting a concrete polishing service and do the math. The money you may save in the long run might surprise you. Polished concrete is known for its durability and it is very easy to clean, compared to other options such as hardwood, carpeting, and tile. The average in America for cleaning carpets is 22 cents per square foot. That comes to $30 or $40 or even more per room. If you always want a clean house, it really begins to add up when spending the money to assure your flooring is clean. If there are any stains or odors the costs will accumulate.

It is Allergy and Mold Free

If allergies are an issue, carpeting is widely thought of as the worst. Carpets may contain up to 100 more allergens than concrete or wood. There has been some discussion regarding whether that is a good thing or not. Carpet sellers will tell you that they are a magnet for allergens, and that is a good thing. It is better to collect there than in the air. The problem with that line of thinking is that the smallest disturbance can send those allergens up in the air. If you sit on your carpet, you’re bound to send those in the air around you where they will circulate for hours.

And mold. That is where wood is an issue. Even moderately high humidity can contribute to mold damage in wood floors. Remediation specialists can charge from $500 to over $30,000 for large projects.

Compared to the alternatives, a nice polished concrete floor can be a great choice that will save headaches and money.

[November 22, 2013]