Polished Concrete for Green, Germ-Free and Money-Saving Floors

Concrete is the ‘King’

Entering a room with an uncluttered neat floor perhaps signs a lot more than a complete hygienic environment – a germfree room! However, to achieve this, most flooring systems need regular maintenance for the property owners.

If you are keen on getting a flooring solution that highlights your devotion to environmental consciousness, a clean and cost-effective floor, polished concrete is the answer.

While concrete has been the most widely used flooring system amongst the industrial warehouse facilities and public buildings for many decades, it is not so long ago that the flooring system got a facelift courtesy of a revolutionary sustainable technology that reformed it into something that look like polished marble, a polished concrete. It made it highly popular in all kinds of industries; commercial, residential, public and all other property markets.

Polished Concrete Is the Latest Buzzword in the Flooring Market

The new polished concrete floors are easy to clean, easy to maintain and good for the environment as well. If done right, with the right concrete polishing equipment, polished concrete floors can look as bright and brilliant as glass floors.

An existing concrete floor can be effectively transformed into a new floor with a glassy and shining display, using a multi-step grinding and polishing process. However, the key reason behind the soaring demand as well as the popularity of polished concrete is that their maintenance costs are about half of those needed for the maintenance of vinyl composition tile (VCT).

Stripping off the old wax first and then many hours of buffing and brightening the new wax make VCT an expensive burden for the facility managers.

That's because VCT requires the laborious process of stripping the old wax off and then hours of buffing and shining the new wax. On the other hand, polished concrete is easy to clean in its very nature.

The process of concrete polishing cuts down the surface area, pores that can easily attract and house dirt particles. Due to a completely flat surface with smooth texture, the dirt always remains on top, which can be easily mopped.

Polished Concrete Is Everywhere

Retail businesses, who have long known that a clean, shiny floor can help make their customers feel good about their store, are also moving to the new greener flooring system – the polished concrete floor. Restaurants too aren’t an exception to this trend, as they are more focused on the sanitary aspects. Moreover, despite their shine, the polished concrete floors are not slippery at all, even when they are wet. In fact, the friction value increases when they are wet. That decreases the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents.

According to the Eneref Group, polished concrete hands out to potential LEED points in at least three categories:

· The Energy and Atmosphere category as it doesn’t release VOC vapors in the environment and its shine increases the ambient light of the room.

· The Materials and Resources category as the technology extends the durability of the existing concrete floors.

· Versatility in design is the third potential credit.

To conclude, both the installation and maintenance of polished concrete are environment-friendly. If you have an existing concrete floor, call a polished concrete management service and give a facelift to your flooring system.

[August 14, 2013]