Most Important Things You Can Do For Proper Polished Concrete Maintenance

One of the best and most important traits of a polished concrete floor is that they are extremely durable, and subsequently, require very little maintenance. However, that doesn't mean that one should forgo polished concrete maintenance entirely. However, daily maintenance is a relatively simple and easy process, and will ensure that your polished concrete floors maintain their aesthetically pleasing look and quality for many years.

Polished concrete management isn't just about the maintenance required to keep the floor as pristine as possible—it's also about what you can do to make sure the floor requires as little maintenance as possible. That's where polished concrete management comes into play. Adhering to a few rules and guidelines will help to make sure that the floor remains durable and unaffected by ample amounts of foot traffic. Polished concrete management is especially important if the floor is situated in the lobby of a high traffic office building for example.

  • Firstly, keep mats laid out at the entry and exit points of the area so that feet can be wiped clean before individuals step foot upon the floor.
  • Be sure to clean up any spills as soon as possible, and if the floor is in a high traffic area, mop the floor once a day.
  • When using any cleaning liquids, be sure that they are non-reactive—or you may simply use plain water.

Additional actions you must take for proper polished concrete maintenance

If the floor is in a high traffic area, you may want to add more tasks to your polished concrete management program. You want to invest in equipment that can be used to maintain the shine, keeping it looking pristine and new. For information on what equipment might be best for maintaining your polished concrete floor and its spectacular shine, you can visit Diamatic USA. There you'll find ample amounts of literature and information, and a wide variety of equipment that can be rented or purchased for the purposes of polished concrete maintenance.

Adhering to a strict regimen regarding care and maintenance of your polished concrete floor will ensure that the shine doesn't degrade due to heavy foot traffic, and that the floor remains durable and resistant against abrasions and chips.

Take the time to do your research and see which specific products might work best for cleaning and polishing your floor. You can choose to employ staff that handles the polished concrete maintenance yourself, or seek a vendor that can handle the task for you on a regularly scheduled basis.

[December 1, 2014]