Polished Concrete Services Help Owners Make Their Floors More Vibrant

The companies offering polished concrete services know exactly the importance of polished concrete floors and their popularity in today’s world. Advances in polishing equipment and techniques are largely responsible for the popularity of these floors in almost all areas of life.

Reasons for tremendous popularity of polished concrete floors

  • They do not require waxes or coatings
  • Superior durability and performance of concrete
  • They are smooth and have higher luster
  • Versatility. Owners can choose the level of sheen as polishing is a multistep process. There are plenty of options that can be chosen depending upon the maintenance and aesthetic requirements.

Designs for polished floors

Let’s have a look at some of the designs that are popular in almost every field i.e. retail, warehouse and office facilities.

Stained Polished Concrete: Such design is used to make existing concrete floors more colorful. Stained concrete floors are mostly popular with homeowners, designers and builders, because they can yield great results with the combination of colors, application techniques and many other factors. However, the results are surely dependent upon the creative understanding and the ability of the executers.

Dyed Polished Concrete floors lend more vibrancy and intensity compared to chemical stains. Very often dyes are used along with polished concrete as they make the process quicker and easier.

Plain Gray Polished Concrete is a choice of those who want more simplistic and industrial feel. This is a kind of firm and straightforward style in a more formal and commercial environment. This has its own charm and beauty if used properly.

Scored and Patterned Polished Concrete involves engraving, scoring, cutting, and stenciling. They can be customized in addition to coloring. The experts use multiple colors and various application techniques to create a stunning and complex pattern on a polished floor.

Polished Concrete Overlays are used to address the demand of those who want a certain aesthetic and pleasing solution to make their otherwise dull concrete floors more colorful. There is now a trend among contractors to install polished overlays because of its cost effectiveness.

Customization of concrete floor:

If anyone may not get interested in any of the current designs available in the market, they can go for customizing the concrete floor. Following are some of the ways to customize the concrete floor:

  • Application of the colored aggregate to the concrete mix. It can also be blended into the top layer of the mix. The aggregate will be revealed during the polishing process.
  • Sometimes, integrally colored concrete too is used.
  • Glass too can be added.
  • Mix can also have nails, bolts, computer chips or any other objects – they will be polished smoothly in the process.
  • It is possible to combine all the different techniques to make a unique floor design.
  • Polishing of the concrete can be enhanced through engraving or scoring lines and patterns.

Hence, there is no wonder why and how these polished concrete floors are ruling the entire industry. They are statements of fashion, style and glamour attached to all kinds of buildings in the modern world.

[April 11, 2013]