Take Advantage of Polished Concrete Services

Restoring old concrete floors is a wildly popular and efficient flooring option for many businesses. But each project is very different.

Sometimes you want beautiful flooring that will impress anyone who walks in. There are art galleries or various urban venues that may have taken an old warehouse or factory and converted it to a wonderful space for events. Or it may be a new storefront that sees a lot of foot traffic and so is looking at the original concrete as an efficient flooring option. If so, the concrete needs to be something more than it was. It needs to sparkle.

On the other hand, some floors are all about function. It may be an auto body shop that wants the floor to last and be protected, but it’s not exactly the situation where they need it to be sparkly and shiny. It could be a similar warehouse to the one that was converted into an art venue, but it’s across the street and is remaining a warehouse, for now.

Another example may be a furniture showroom. There are thousands of examples of such places all over the United States. Years ago the owner may have thought carpeting was the way to go, and now it’s obvious, due to the millions of people that have trampled through the place leaving stains, divots, and all kinds of ugly blemishes, that the original concrete floor underneath is a better alternative. They want to tear up the carpeting and restore their floors.

This is an example of a business that isn’t quite sure what they are going to see when they pull up the carpeting. They are floors that no one has seen in decades. Once they begin to remove the carpeting, they may see plenty of stains, cracks, and imperfections to the concrete. That doesn’t mean they made the wrong decision. Repairing and restoring the concrete, rather than replacing the carpeting that was there, is an incredibly smart way to go. Patching up the blemishes, polishing the floors with an 800 grit finish, and adding several coats of stain protection may be enough to keep that floor shining for many worry free years. It’s an investment that is sure to pay off.

Whether it is one of these examples or something completely different, polished concrete management is an option for you. Polished concrete services can turn your business floor into whatever you need it to be.

[November 28, 2013]