How to Get Polished Concrete Surfaces

Many people are looking for an upscale finish for the floors of their home. One of the best options can also be one of the most affordable options for a homeowner. Polished concrete flooring is a great way to improve the look and the value of the home.

Polished concrete flooring can be made to look like many other types of flooring. It can be textured and colored. Many people will think the flooring material is some type of expensive tile when it is done properly. There are a few ways for a person to get the look they want with polished concrete floors.

The first is to contact a company that offers concrete polishing and finishing services. They can help show the homeowner the types of polished concrete floors that they can have and they can do all of the work for the homeowner. The biggest problem that some people may have with using concrete polishing services is the cost. The overall cost of the flooring will not be as much as other types of flooring, but the cost of having professionals come in and do the work will make it more expensive than someone that does the work themselves.

Another option is for the homeowner to do some or all of the work themselves. It is possible to rent the equipment needed to create the polished concrete floors. The tricky part is learning how to use the equipment. Polishing the concrete requires the grinding down of the surfaces until it is smooth. The machine that can be rented will use different types of abrasive pads. They will go from a very abrasive paid to one that eventually provides a smooth polish. Someone that does not have any experience operating these machines may want to practice on concrete that they do not care about before tackling the floors in their home.

There are other steps that concrete polishing services would do besides grinding the floors. The floors will have to be prepared and any cracks have to be fixed before polishing. After grinding the floors it is necessary to use a chemical concrete hardener after the initial grinding and before the final polishing. It may be possible for the homeowner to take on parts of the concrete polishing process while using a professional for the parts they do not feel comfortable.

It really doesn’t matter whether a homeowner hires a professional of if they do it themselves the end results of a polished concrete floor are something that can be enjoyed for a long time.

[September 30, 2014]