Polished Concrete

A Marketable Skill

General contractors, architects, owners, designers, listen up. There is a new wave of building material that is in high demand. It can look like marble, or granite, but it is substantially cheaper in cost. More and more of the industrial, warehouse, residential and commercial industry are looking for polished concrete to be installed underneath their feet. Why not gain this new skill and be a certified polished concrete installer?

Get fully trained and certified through Diamatic USA. Their certification program are run by top-notch industry professional trainers. Learn directly from the best who are not only knowledgeable and competent, but the instructors themselves have first-hand experience. The classroom training is rich in media. They offer practical hands-on training by using their own concrete grinding polishing equipment.

You’ll walk away knowing how to use the latest state-of-the-art technologies and polished concrete machines. You’ll know the different variation of color application, diamond tooling, chemical treatment, safety, polishing, joints, overlays, quickdisc, Ultraflor and more. You’ll have the know-how and expertise. Increasing your skill increases your marketability.

So why is a polished concrete floor in demand? For one, its life expectancy, if maintained properly it will be a perpetual floor! Second, polished concrete floors are durable, hard wearing and will not chip or dent like softer surfaces such as wood, coated concrete, or tiles. Third, the polished concrete maintenance is very easy to upkeep. It does not require waxing yet retain its luster. Of course, one of the biggest reason of all is that it is a very economical way to make an exquisite concrete polish floor.

Since we know it’s in demand, obtaining a marketable skill can fulfill this need. Once you’ve acquired your new skill level, it’s time to start renting or shopping for your equipment. Take advantage of Diamatic USA’s concrete polishing equipment rental.. They offer a complete line up of products. Choose from grinding and polishing machines, hand held tools, dust collectors, diamonds and consumables, and more All their polished concrete equipment, concrete resurfacing products, etc. are also available for purchase at competitive prices.

Become a certified polished concrete installer. Increase your skill level from a standard to pro level to an elite level installer. Boost your skill by obtaining expert training. Take advantage of all the easily accessible needed tools and supplies. Get certified and supplies under one roof through Diamatic USA.