The Steps to Polishing Concrete

Creating the perfect finish when polishing concrete relies on taking some very important steps which we at Diamatic USA understand very well. Creating the perfect concrete polish doesn’t happen by accident, but the right results can provide durable, attractive flooring for many years to come with low maintenance problems and easy cleaning solutions.

It’s not just old warehouse refurbishments which rely on concrete polish to furnish their needs these days, many new buildings are designed to be specifically suitable for a polished concrete floor. Concrete polish provides the perfect solution for hospitals, office buildings, medical centers, restaurants, hotels, educational facilities and much more. Architects are fully aware of the benefits of a polished concrete surface and will make sure that the best quality and type of concrete are used in the construction of the property to ensure the best results.

Polishing concrete has its best results if the floor is as flat as possible to start with. Our extensive range of polishing concrete equipment and tools will ensure that we’ve got just the right tool for the job no matter how large, how small or how many difficult to reach places need to be treated with concrete polish.

The concrete must be honed and polished using our range of specially designed tools to achieve the right effect taking into account the gloss finish required and the amount of durability which is needed for the finished product. The surface is then ready for the final step . . .

There are many different colors and finishes available when you use our professional concrete polishing service – high gloss colors, low gloss colors, no color at all – the choice is down to you. What is important is that a polished concrete floor will be easy to clean and maintain, stain resistant and long lasting.

You can say goodbye to expensive carpet cleaning services, say goodbye to painting, waxing and expensive chemical applications – polished concrete floors are as easy as stone floors to keep clean and looking good.

When it comes to getting the best concrete polish results you should rely on the professionals and nobody has more experience in the industry than Diamatic USA. We have an extensive range of specially designed equipment and a team of professionals ready and willing to deal with all of your questions about polishing concrete and what it can do for your business and your property.

[May 2, 2014]