Velox Power Trowel

Velox™Power Trowel  T-2440 Diamatic Velox Power Trowel 


The Diamatic VELOX Power Trowel Polishing System is a high-production, high-performance wet polishing system for large commercial and retail floors. VELOX is an 8-foot, hydraulic assist steering, ride-on power trowel engineered with a true driven active planetary design with 10 grinding heads that holds a total of 40 diamond tooling. VELOX can also be used on new placement finishing.  

Production rates of 10,000 s/f per day minimum.  MOST cost-effective method to utilize compared to traditional mechanical polishing methods.  Same square footage, same grind and polish process, same man-power…LESS equipment and LESS working days needed for project completion.     

NO electric power needed equals NO cords to hassle with.

VELOX Power Trowel Polishing System utilizes the science of SILEX Silica StackingTM floor treatment technology, high-quality abrasive tooling and a profilometer (surface roughness meter). You will attain higher Distinction of Image (DOI) values, lower Ra (arithmetic average) values that are both quantifiable and repeatable. 

VELOX is designed to work faster and more efficient while also producing fully refined surfaces that are consistent, sustainable, and durable over its entire life cycle.  But just because VELOX is a faster, more productive and efficient solution doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing on superior quality finishes.



Grinding Width: 96in. (2440mm)
Grinding Heads: 10
Number of Tools: 40
Gearbox: Active Planetary Drive System (patent pending)
Engine: Kubota 31HP  
Steering: Hydraulic Assist
Fuel: LP (propane)
Fuel Capacity: 33 lb. Tank
Dimensions: L 98"(2489mm) x W 50"(1270mm) x H 60"(1524mm)
Weight: 1760 lbs. (800kg)

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  • Wet Polishing 
  • For large square footage Industry, Retail and Commercial jobs
  • Active Planetary Design
  • Flex Head and Quick Change Tooling Technology
  • Easy ride-on with On-Screen Technology
  • Cup Holder for Rider
  • 6 high Intensity LED lights
  • 12V Charging Station for electronics or cell phone
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Trowel Trolley Available
  • Uses the Silex Power Trowel Polishing System

 Velox Power Trowel Trolley

Trolley for the Velox Power Trowel