SILEX Cleaners

SILEX Clean CR Label

Silex® CLEAN CR Concrete Cleaner & Restorer is a robust easy to use, free rinsing and residue free cleaner designed specifically to clean, maintain, and restore polished concrete surfaces. Silex® CLEAN CR has been formulated with unique ‘reactive’ ingredients when activated with water, quickly dislodges dirt and grime from the substrate holding them in suspension. Silex® with regular use, will further refine the floors, increase abrasion resistance and will help ‘restore’ a shine back from dulled surfaces that may have not been maintained properly.     

Silex® CLEAN CR Concrete Cleaner & Restorer can also be used on resinous flooring, non-densified concrete, terrazzo, tile, vinyl, and other hard surfaces.

Technical Data Sheet


  Further Hardens, Refines & Restores
  No Rinse & Leaves No Residue
  Improves Durability of Floors
  Maintains Non-Slip Properties
  Reduced Overall Maintenance Costs
  Increases Life Expectancy
  No Phosphates, Sodium Hydroxides or Butyls
  Silica Stacking®

  Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI) as "High Traction" under ANSI B101.1 Wet Test

 Available In:

  • 4 oz. Pre-meaured Packets  (Box of 60)
  • 1 gal. Bottles
  • 5g Pails
  • 55g Drums
  • 275 Totes