SILEX Refining + Cutting Agents

Silex Glide Label

Silex® GLIDE-DC (DUAL COMPOUNDS) is a neutral pH formula designed utilizing reactive colloidal silica technologies with hydrophilic properties which allows deeper penetration into the substrate due to its nano-sized particles. GLIDES’s fast-reacting components immediately begins chemically reacting with the concrete's matrix forming new CSH compounds in the micro-pores and micro-capillaries.

Silex® GLIDE-DC formulation has also been engineered with nano-abrasion technologies which act like an abrasive that enhances the diamond’s cutting capabilities providing faster, more efficient concrete removal.  During the first cut, GLIDE-DC forms a reactive slurry that is pushed back into the substrate's micro-voids by the grinder’s head pressure where it continues to chemically react and bond with itself.

This is the most important and 1st step in the Silex® Silica Stacking® Refinement Process which begins creating a harder, denser floor resulting in a longer life span and performance.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


  Reduction in Tooling, Time & Labor Costs
  Increased Efficiencies & Overall Productivity 
  Faster Refinement
  Lower Ra Numbers
  Reduce Surface Profile
  Significant Labor Reduction of 50 to 85%
  No Stray Swirls Left in the Concrete
  100% Miscible
  Increase D.O.I. (Distinction of Image)
  Tighter/Denser Surface
  Sustainable System
  Silica Stacking®

Available In: 5g Buckets
55g Drums
275g Totes

Coverage Rates: 400 to 600 Sq.ft. /gal.*

*Due to the wide variety of substrates variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperatures and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times.