Is it Worth Renting a Concrete Polisher?

Many homeowners are turning to polished concrete flooring in their homes. It is a cost effective option that can look like many other types of flooring. The low maintenance and long life of the polished concrete flooring are just two of the reasons that people are choosing this flooring alternative. Another reason people are turning to this flooring is that it can be done by the homeowner. Not all homeowners will want to take on this project, since it sounds more difficult than it really is. They are not sure about renting a concrete polisher, how to use it, and all the supplies they would need. They wonder if they are better off renting the equipment and doing the work themselves or should they hire a company that has the polished concrete equipment and the experience that is needed to do the job well.

Is the rental equipment as good?

The first thing that people will wonder is whether the polished concrete equipment that they rent is as good as the equipment that the professionals use. The answer is yes and no. It is very possible that the rental equipment is as good if not better than the equipment used by the professionals. The cost of the machines can vary widely. The better machines are more expensive and a professional may not make the investment they need to get the best equipment. In the end you should be able to get a very good concrete polisher from a rental company.

The pads that are used to grind the concrete can be very expensive as well. It will be necessary to purchase these pads. If you do not buy the cheapest pads, you can get the quality you need.

Does experience matter?

The one thing that the professionals have over the homeowner is experience using the equipment. The more times you do the work of polishing concrete floors, the better you get at it. That does not mean a homeowner cannot do a good job. There is plenty of information available that can show a homeowner how to use the polished concrete equipment. The key is to take your time until you are comfortable with the equipment. A good rental agency will show the homeowner how to use the equipment. It is also a good idea to start in an area that will be seen less until you are more comfortable with the equipment.

The process of polishing concrete is a gradual process. Small mistakes made at the beginning can be corrected by the time you have finished the floor. It is a project that you can rent the equipment for and do the work yourself. In the end you will be able to have a finished product you are proud of while still saving money.

[November 4, 2014]