The Diamatic floor grinders, dust collectors, and shavers are rebranded as Husqvarna, and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering. For more information, visit our new website


  • The new Diamatic BMC-335EHY Surface Shaver is a super-duty machine designed for the most demanding jobs. With variable speed, forward and reverse, this heavy-weight performer can be maneuvered or driven without the shaving drum engaged. An easy-lift system lowers and raises the drum and fine-height adjustments are stayed in position with controls at the top of the machine.
  • Introducing the Diamatic BMP-4000, the only ride-on milling machine which can also be used as a sawing machine.  With the possibility to remove up to 2.5 inches of surface material in several passes, you are sure to save time on large milling projects. Featuring an electric measuring system with digital read-out display which gives information about height adjustment and other critical machine operations.